Binaural.h File Reference

#include "BinauralDB.h"

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class  csl::BinauralPanner
 forward declaration More...
class  csl::BinauralSourceCache


namespace  csl
 < we use the STL vector, map, and string classes


#define SUM_DOWNS   1
#define FFT_DOWNS   2
#define LEN_DOWNS   1

Define Documentation

#define SUM_DOWNS   1

Binaural.h -- Specification of the HRTF-based binaural spatializer. This is the CSL 5 version that uses the FFT wrapper framework

Classes BinauralPanner: place sources in 3D using block-wise convolution with an HRTF; best heard over headphones. Supports multiple moving sources and does cached multi-block FFT/IFFT convolution.

BinauralSourceCache: used for caching previous state of spatial sources.

The companion file has the classes HRTF: holds the data that corresponds to an HRTF for a single position. HRTFDatabase: vector of HRTFs; implemented as a Singleton because it's large.

See the copyright notice and acknowledgment of authors in the file COPYRIGHT Created by Jorge Castellanos on 7/19/06. Inspired by and partially based on the VST HRTF Plug-in written by Ryan Avery. Rewritten for FFT wrappers and pluggable sound file APIs in 8/09 by STP.

HRTFs should be equalized, currently they are being loaded and used raw.

Interpolation of HRTFs. Currently the closest HRTF is being used.

Referenced by csl::BinauralPanner::BinauralPanner().

#define FFT_DOWNS   2

#define LEN_DOWNS   1

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