MIDIIO.h File Reference

#include "math.h"
#include "portmidi.h"
#include "porttime.h"
#include "CSL_Types.h"
#include "CGestalt.h"

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class  csl::CSL_MIDIMessage
 CSL_MIDIMessage. More...
class  csl::MIDIIO
class  csl::MIDIIn
class  csl::MIDIOut


namespace  csl
 < we use the STL vector, map, and string classes


#define TIME_PROC   Pt_Time
#define TIME_INFO   NULL
#define TIME_START   Pt_Start(1, 0, 0)
#define MIDI_THRU   NULL


enum  csl::CSL_MIDIMessageType {
  csl::kNone = 0, csl::kNoteOff = 8, csl::kNoteOn = 9, csl::kPolyTouch = 10,
  csl::kControlChange = 11, csl::kProgramChange = 12, csl::kAftertouch = 13, csl::kPitchWheel = 14,
  csl::kSysEX = 15
 CSL_MIDIMessageType. More...


void csl::copy_CSL_MIDIMessage (CSL_MIDIMessage *source, CSL_MIDIMessage *dest)
 copy_CSL_MIDIMessage -- copies CSL_MIDIMessage
void csl::CSL_MIDIMessageToPmEvent (CSL_MIDIMessage *cslMIDI, PmEvent *event)
 CSL_MIDIMessageToPmEvent -- converts CSL_MIDIMessage to PmEvent.
void csl::PmEventToCSL_MIDIMessage (PmEvent *event, CSL_MIDIMessage *cslMIDI)
 PmEventToCSL_MIDIMessage -- converts PmEvent to CSL_MIDIMessage.
unsigned csl::Message_ChannelToStatus (CSL_MIDIMessageType message, unsigned channel)
 Message_ChannelToStatus -- converts from message and channel to status byte.
float csl::MIDINoteToFreq (unsigned midiNote)
 MIDINoteToFreq -- converts from MIDI notes ( C3, etc ) to frequency.
unsigned csl::FreqToMIDINote (float frequency)
 FreqToMIDINote -- converts from frequency to MIDI notes ( C3, etc ).

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MIDIIO.h -- MIDI IO using PortMIDI See the copyright notice and acknowledgment of authors in the file COPYRIGHT


#define TIME_PROC   Pt_Time

#define TIME_INFO   NULL

#define TIME_START   Pt_Start(1, 0, 0)

#define MIDI_THRU   NULL

Referenced by csl::MIDIIn::open().

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