OSC-address-space.c File Reference

#include "OSC-common.h"
#include "OSC-timetag.h"
#include "OSC-address-space.h"
#include <string.h>
#include "OSC-dispatch.h"
#include "OSC-callbacklist.h"
#include "OSC-pattern-match.h"


struct  OSCContainerStruct
struct  OSCMethodStruct
struct  callbackListEnds_struct


#define LONG_ADDR_SIZE   1000
#define LONG_ADDR_LEN   100


typedef struct


static void MakeFreeContainersList (int n)
static void MakeFreeMethodsList (int n)
OSCcontainer OSCInitAddressSpace (struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner *t)
static OSCcontainer AllocContainer (void)
static OSCMethod AllocMethod (void)
void AddSubContainer (OSCcontainer parent, OSCcontainer child, Name name)
Boolean OSCAddContainerAlias (OSCcontainer container, Name otherName)
void RemoveSubContainer (OSCcontainer parent, OSCcontainer child)
Boolean OSCRemoveContainerAlias (OSCcontainer container, Name otherName)
OSCcontainer OSCNewContainer (Name name, OSCcontainer parent, struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct *QueryResponseInfo)
static const char * ContainerName (OSCcontainer c)
static int gasHelp (char *target, int maxLength, OSCcontainer c)
Boolean OSCGetAddressString (char *target, int maxLength, OSCcontainer c)
OSCMethod OSCNewMethod (Name name, OSCcontainer me, methodCallback callback, void *context, struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct *QueryResponseInfo)
void OSCInitContainerQueryResponseInfo (struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct *i)
void OSCInitMethodQueryResponseInfo (struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct *i)
static callbackListEnds DispatchSubMessage (char *pattern, OSCcontainer c)
static char * NextSlashOrNull (char *p)
callbackList OSCDispatchMessage (char *pattern)


static Boolean Initialized = FALSE
static OSCcontainer OSCTopLevelContainer
static OSCcontainer freeContainers
static OSCMethod freeMethods
static void *(* RealTimeMemoryAllocator )(int numBytes)

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Referenced by OSCNewMethod().


Referenced by AllocContainer(), and AllocMethod().

#define LONG_ADDR_SIZE   1000

Referenced by OSCNewMethod().

#define LONG_ADDR_LEN   100

Referenced by DispatchSubMessage().

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static void MakeFreeContainersList ( int  n  )  [static]

static void MakeFreeMethodsList ( int  n  )  [static]

OSCcontainer OSCInitAddressSpace ( struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner t  ) 

static OSCcontainer AllocContainer ( void   )  [static]

static OSCMethod AllocMethod ( void   )  [static]

void AddSubContainer ( OSCcontainer  parent,
OSCcontainer  child,
Name  name 

Boolean OSCAddContainerAlias ( OSCcontainer  container,
Name  otherName 

void RemoveSubContainer ( OSCcontainer  parent,
OSCcontainer  child 

Boolean OSCRemoveContainerAlias ( OSCcontainer  container,
Name  otherName 

OSCcontainer OSCNewContainer ( Name  name,
OSCcontainer  parent,
struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct QueryResponseInfo 

static const char* ContainerName ( OSCcontainer  c  )  [static]

static int gasHelp ( char *  target,
int  maxLength,
OSCcontainer  c 
) [static]

Boolean OSCGetAddressString ( char *  target,
int  maxLength,
OSCcontainer  c 

References FALSE, gasHelp(), OSCProblem(), and TRUE.

Referenced by DispatchSubMessage(), and OSCNewMethod().

OSCMethod OSCNewMethod ( Name  name,
OSCcontainer  me,
methodCallback  callback,
void *  context,
struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct QueryResponseInfo 

void OSCInitContainerQueryResponseInfo ( struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct i  ) 

void OSCInitMethodQueryResponseInfo ( struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct i  ) 

static callbackListEnds DispatchSubMessage ( char *  pattern,
OSCcontainer  c 
) [static]

static char * NextSlashOrNull ( char *  p  )  [static]

Referenced by DispatchSubMessage().

callbackList OSCDispatchMessage ( char *  pattern  ) 

Variable Documentation

Boolean Initialized = FALSE [static]

Referenced by OSCInitAddressSpace().

Referenced by main().

void*(* RealTimeMemoryAllocator)(int numBytes) [static]

Referenced by OSCInitAddressSpace().

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