OSC-address-space.h File Reference

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struct  OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner
struct  OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct
struct  OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct


typedef struct OSCContainerStructOSCcontainer
typedef struct OSCMethodStructOSCMethod
typedef const char * Name
typedef struct
typedef void(* methodCallback )(void *context, int arglen, const void *args, OSCTimeTag when, NetworkReturnAddressPtr returnAddr)
typedef char OSCData
typedef int(* ParamValQuerier )(OSCData *result, void *context)


int OSCAddressSpaceMemoryThatWouldBeAllocated (struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner *t)
OSCcontainer OSCInitAddressSpace (struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner *t)
void OSCInitContainerQueryResponseInfo (struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct *i)
OSCcontainer OSCNewContainer (Name name, OSCcontainer parent, struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct *queryInfo)
void OSCRemoveContainer (OSCcontainer container)
Boolean OSCAddContainerAlias (OSCcontainer container, Name otherName)
Boolean OSCRemoveContainerAlias (OSCcontainer container, Name otherName)
Boolean OSCGetAddressString (char *target, int maxLength, OSCcontainer c)
OSCcontainer OSCLookUpContainer (Name address)
void OSCInitMethodQueryResponseInfo (struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct *i)
OSCMethod OSCNewMethod (Name name, OSCcontainer container, methodCallback meth, void *context, struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct *queryInfo)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct OSCMethodStruct* OSCMethod

typedef const char* Name

typedef void(* methodCallback)(void *context, int arglen, const void *args, OSCTimeTag when, NetworkReturnAddressPtr returnAddr)

typedef char OSCData

typedef int(* ParamValQuerier)(OSCData *result, void *context)

Function Documentation

int OSCAddressSpaceMemoryThatWouldBeAllocated ( struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner t  ) 

OSCcontainer OSCInitAddressSpace ( struct OSCAddressSpaceMemoryTuner t  ) 

void OSCInitContainerQueryResponseInfo ( struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct i  ) 

OSCcontainer OSCNewContainer ( Name  name,
OSCcontainer  parent,
struct OSCContainerQueryResponseInfoStruct queryInfo 

void OSCRemoveContainer ( OSCcontainer  container  ) 

Boolean OSCAddContainerAlias ( OSCcontainer  container,
Name  otherName 

Boolean OSCRemoveContainerAlias ( OSCcontainer  container,
Name  otherName 

Boolean OSCGetAddressString ( char *  target,
int  maxLength,
OSCcontainer  c 

References FALSE, gasHelp(), OSCProblem(), and TRUE.

Referenced by DispatchSubMessage(), and OSCNewMethod().

OSCcontainer OSCLookUpContainer ( Name  address  ) 

void OSCInitMethodQueryResponseInfo ( struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct i  ) 

OSCMethod OSCNewMethod ( Name  name,
OSCcontainer  container,
methodCallback  meth,
void *  context,
struct OSCMethodQueryResponseInfoStruct queryInfo 

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