OSC-internal-messages.h File Reference

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Boolean OSCSendInternalMessage (char *address, int arglen, void *args)
Boolean OSCSendInternalMessageWithRSVP (char *address, int arglen, void *args, NetworkReturnAddressPtr returnAddr)
Boolean OSCScheduleInternalMessages (OSCTimeTag when, int numMessages, char **addresses, int *arglens, void **args)

Function Documentation

Boolean OSCSendInternalMessage ( char *  address,
int  arglen,
void *  args 

Boolean OSCSendInternalMessageWithRSVP ( char *  address,
int  arglen,
void *  args,
NetworkReturnAddressPtr  returnAddr 

Boolean OSCScheduleInternalMessages ( OSCTimeTag  when,
int  numMessages,
char **  addresses,
int *  arglens,
void **  args 

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