OSC-priority-queue.h File Reference

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struct  OSCSchedulableObject


typedef struct OSCQueueStructOSCQueue


OSCQueue OSCNewQueue (int maxItems, void *(*InitTimeMalloc)(int numBytes))
Boolean OSCQueueInsert (OSCQueue q, OSCSchedulableObject o)
OSCTimeTag OSCQueueEarliestTimeTag (OSCQueue q)
OSCSchedulableObject OSCQueueRemoveEarliest (OSCQueue q)
Boolean OSCQueueIsEmpty (OSCQueue q)
void OSCQueueScanStart (OSCQueue q)
OSCSchedulableObject OSCQueueScanNext (OSCQueue q)
void OSCQueueRemoveCurrentScanItem (OSCQueue q)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct OSCQueueStruct* OSCQueue

Function Documentation

OSCQueue OSCNewQueue ( int  maxItems,
void *(*)(int numBytes)  InitTimeMalloc 

Boolean OSCQueueInsert ( OSCQueue  q,
OSCSchedulableObject  o 

OSCTimeTag OSCQueueEarliestTimeTag ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

OSCSchedulableObject OSCQueueRemoveEarliest ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

Boolean OSCQueueIsEmpty ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

void OSCQueueScanStart ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

OSCSchedulableObject OSCQueueScanNext ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

void OSCQueueRemoveCurrentScanItem ( OSCQueue  q  ) 

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