OSC-receive.h File Reference

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struct  OSCReceiveMemoryTuner


typedef struct


int OSCReceiveMemoryThatWouldBeAllocated (struct OSCReceiveMemoryTuner *t)
Boolean OSCInitReceive (struct OSCReceiveMemoryTuner *t)
OSCPacketBuffer OSCAllocPacketBuffer (void)
void OSCFreePacket (OSCPacketBuffer p)
char * OSCPacketBufferGetBuffer (OSCPacketBuffer p)
int * OSCPacketBufferGetSize (OSCPacketBuffer)
NetworkReturnAddressPtr OSCPacketBufferGetClientAddr (OSCPacketBuffer p)
int OSCGetReceiveBufferSize (void)
void OSCAcceptPacket (OSCPacketBuffer packet)
Boolean OSCBeProductiveWhileWaiting (void)
Boolean OSCInvokeMessagesThatAreReady (OSCTimeTag now)
void OSCInvokeAllMessagesThatAreReady (OSCTimeTag now)

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Function Documentation

int OSCReceiveMemoryThatWouldBeAllocated ( struct OSCReceiveMemoryTuner t  ) 

Boolean OSCInitReceive ( struct OSCReceiveMemoryTuner t  ) 

OSCPacketBuffer OSCAllocPacketBuffer ( void   ) 

void OSCFreePacket ( OSCPacketBuffer  p  ) 

char* OSCPacketBufferGetBuffer ( OSCPacketBuffer  p  ) 

References OSCPacketBuffer_struct::buf.

Referenced by receiveOSCPacket().

int* OSCPacketBufferGetSize ( OSCPacketBuffer   ) 

References OSCPacketBuffer_struct::n.

Referenced by receiveOSCPacket().

NetworkReturnAddressPtr OSCPacketBufferGetClientAddr ( OSCPacketBuffer  p  ) 

int OSCGetReceiveBufferSize ( void   ) 

References globals.

Referenced by OSCScheduleInternalMessages(), and receiveOSCPacket().

void OSCAcceptPacket ( OSCPacketBuffer  packet  ) 

Boolean OSCBeProductiveWhileWaiting ( void   ) 

Boolean OSCInvokeMessagesThatAreReady ( OSCTimeTag  now  ) 

void OSCInvokeAllMessagesThatAreReady ( OSCTimeTag  now  ) 

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