OSC-timetag.h File Reference

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typedef long long int8
typedef unsigned long long uint8
typedef unsigned long uint4
typedef uint8 OSCTimeTag


OSCTimeTag OSCTT_CurrentTime (void)
OSCTimeTag OSCTT_Immediately (void)
OSCTimeTag OSCTT_BiggestPossibleTimeTag (void)
OSCTimeTag OSCTT_PlusSeconds (OSCTimeTag original, float secondsOffset)
int OSCTT_Compare (OSCTimeTag left, OSCTimeTag right)

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Typedef Documentation

typedef long long int8

typedef unsigned long long uint8

typedef unsigned long uint4

typedef uint8 OSCTimeTag

Function Documentation

OSCTimeTag OSCTT_CurrentTime ( void   ) 

OSCTimeTag OSCTT_Immediately ( void   ) 

OSCTimeTag OSCTT_BiggestPossibleTimeTag ( void   ) 

Referenced by OSCQueueEarliestTimeTag().

OSCTimeTag OSCTT_PlusSeconds ( OSCTimeTag  original,
float  secondsOffset 

References TWO_TO_THE_32_FLOAT.

int OSCTT_Compare ( OSCTimeTag  left,
OSCTimeTag  right 

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