Server_Tests.cpp File Reference

#include "Test_Support.cpp"
#include "RemoteStream.h"
#include "RemoteIO.h"
#include "OSC_cpp.h"


#define SERVER
#define OSC_SERVER


void run_tests ()
int main (int argc, const char *argv[])
void init_OSC_addr_space ()
void add_OSC_Method (char *name, OSC_CALL_BACK function)
void main_OSC_loop (int port)
void float_set_density (void *ignored, int arglen, const void *vargs, OSCTimeTag when, NetworkReturnAddressPtr ra)
void * osc_loop (void *ignored)
void setup_OSC_for_bells ()
void random_bells ()
void remote_player ()
void remote_mixer ()


float bellDensity = 2.0

Define Documentation

#define SERVER

#define OSC_SERVER


Function Documentation

void run_tests (  ) 

int main ( int  argc,
const char *  argv[] 

void init_OSC_addr_space (  ) 

void add_OSC_Method ( char *  name,
OSC_CALL_BACK  function 

Referenced by setup_OSC_for_bells().

void main_OSC_loop ( int  port  ) 

void float_set_density ( void *  ignored,
int  arglen,
const void *  vargs,
OSCTimeTag  when,
NetworkReturnAddressPtr  ra 

void* osc_loop ( void *  ignored  ) 

References main_OSC_loop().

Referenced by setup_OSC_for_bells().

void setup_OSC_for_bells (  ) 

void random_bells (  ) 

References a_env, bellDensity, i_env, io, mod, and csl::Envelope::trigger().

Referenced by run_tests().

void remote_player (  ) 

References CSL_DEFAULT_REQUEST_PORT, gIO, and csl::logMsg().

Referenced by run_tests().

void remote_mixer (  ) 

Variable Documentation

float bellDensity = 2.0

Referenced by float_set_density(), and random_bells().

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