Test_LPC.cpp File Reference

#include "Test_Support.cpp"
#include "SoundFile.h"
#include "LPC.h"


#define IN_FILE_NAME   "/Volumes/Content/Sound/3-IKnowGod/MKGandhi/1.2a.aif"
#define LPC_FILE_NAME   "lpc-coeff.data"
#define RESIDUAL_FILE_NAME   "lpc-residual.aiff"
#define WINDOW_SIZE   1024
#define LPC_ORDER   20


int main (int argc, const char *argv[])

Define Documentation

#define IN_FILE_NAME   "/Volumes/Content/Sound/3-IKnowGod/MKGandhi/1.2a.aif"

Test_LPC.cpp -- a simple CSL LPC vocoder program -- load a file and display it See the copyright notice and acknowledgment of authors in the file COPYRIGHT Cmd-line options (see the handler in Test_Support.cpp): -r samp-rate -b blk-siz -o num-out-ch -i num-in-ch -v verbosity -l log-period -p out-port -u

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#define LPC_FILE_NAME   "lpc-coeff.data"

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#define RESIDUAL_FILE_NAME   "lpc-residual.aiff"

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#define WINDOW_SIZE   1024

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#define LPC_ORDER   20

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Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
const char *  argv[] 

MAIN -- Save 2 files for the LPC and residual of the given input file This plays the residual on analysis

References testkiss::e, FALSE, IN_FILE_NAME, csl::kLogError, csl::logMsg(), LPC_FILE_NAME, LPC_ORDER, READ_CSL_OPTS, RESIDUAL_FILE_NAME, csl::CGestalt::setBlockSize(), csl::sleepSec(), theIO, and WINDOW_SIZE.

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