csl::RtpReceiver Class Reference

#include <RtpReceiver.h>

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csl::CslRtpSession csl::UnitGenerator

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Public Member Functions

 RtpReceiver (unsigned chans=1)
 Default constructor initializes an RtpReceiver with default 20ms bufSize.
 ~RtpReceiver ()
 Class destructor.
unsigned bufferSize ()
 Accessors used by the reader thread.
unsigned remotePort ()
void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned outBufNum) throw (Exception)
void setLocalPort (unsigned localPort)
void setBufferSize (unsigned bufferSize)
bool addRtpSource (char *remoteIP, unsigned short remotePort)
bool removeRtpSource ()
void printError (int rtperr)

Protected Member Functions

bool createRtpSession ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned mNumChans
SynchPthread mRtpMutex
unsigned mBufferFrames
 the size of the RTP ring buffer (in FRAMES)
unsigned long mRemoteIP
unsigned short mRemotePort
unsigned long mLocalIP
unsigned short mLocalPort
RtpBufferState mBufferState
RTPUDPv4TransmissionParams * mTransparams
RTPSessionParams * mSessparams
RTPIPv4Address * mAddress
unsigned mLastPacketNumber
 The ID of the last packet received.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RtpReceiver::RtpReceiver ( unsigned  chans = 1  ) 

Default constructor initializes an RtpReceiver with default 20ms bufSize.

References createRtpSession(), error(), csl::kLogError, csl::logMsg(), mSessparams, and mTransparams.

RtpReceiver::~RtpReceiver (  ) 

Class destructor.

References mAddress, mSessparams, and mTransparams.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned csl::RtpReceiver::bufferSize (  )  [inline]

Accessors used by the reader thread.

References mBufferFrames.

unsigned csl::RtpReceiver::remotePort (  )  [inline]

References mRemotePort.

void RtpReceiver::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  outBufNum 
) throw (Exception) [virtual]

really compute the next buffer given an offset base channel; this is called by nextBuffer, possibly multiple times

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References csl::kBuffering.

void csl::RtpReceiver::setLocalPort ( unsigned  localPort  ) 

void csl::RtpReceiver::setBufferSize ( unsigned  bufferSize  ) 

bool RtpReceiver::addRtpSource ( char *  remoteIP,
unsigned short  remotePort 

bool RtpReceiver::removeRtpSource (  ) 

References mAddress.

void RtpReceiver::printError ( int  rtperr  ) 

References csl::kLogError, and csl::logMsg().

Referenced by addRtpSource(), and createRtpSession().

bool RtpReceiver::createRtpSession (  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned csl::RtpReceiver::mNumChans [protected]

unsigned csl::RtpReceiver::mBufferFrames [protected]

the size of the RTP ring buffer (in FRAMES)

Referenced by bufferSize().

unsigned long csl::RtpReceiver::mRemoteIP [protected]

Referenced by addRtpSource().

unsigned short csl::RtpReceiver::mRemotePort [protected]

Referenced by addRtpSource(), and remotePort().

unsigned long csl::RtpReceiver::mLocalIP [protected]

unsigned short csl::RtpReceiver::mLocalPort [protected]

Referenced by createRtpSession().

RTPUDPv4TransmissionParams* csl::RtpReceiver::mTransparams [protected]

RTPSessionParams* csl::RtpReceiver::mSessparams [protected]

RTPIPv4Address* csl::RtpReceiver::mAddress [protected]

The ID of the last packet received.

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