csl::ThreadedReader Class Reference

#include <ThreadedFrameStream.h>

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csl::Effect csl::ThreadUtil csl::UnitGenerator csl::Controllable csl::Model

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Public Member Functions

 ThreadedReader ()
 ctor / dtor
 ThreadedReader (UnitGenerator inp)
 ThreadedReader (unsigned numChannels)
 ThreadedReader (unsigned numChannels, unsigned numFrames)
 ~ThreadedReader ()
void init (unsigned numChannels, unsigned numBufferFrames)
void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned chan) throw (CException)
 nextBuffer uses cache and triggers writer thread
void start ()

Protected Member Functions

void readIntoBuffer ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void * FeederFunction (void *arg)
 shared init function

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ThreadedReader::ThreadedReader (  ) 

ThreadedReader::ThreadedReader ( UnitGenerator  inp  ) 

ThreadedReader::ThreadedReader ( unsigned  numChannels  ) 

ThreadedReader::ThreadedReader ( unsigned  numChannels,
unsigned  numFrames 

References init().

ThreadedReader::~ThreadedReader (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ThreadedReader::init ( unsigned  numChannels,
unsigned  numBufferFrames 
) [virtual]

void ThreadedReader::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  chan 
) throw (CException) [virtual]

nextBuffer uses cache and triggers writer thread

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References csl::Effect::pullInput().

void ThreadedReader::start ( void   )  [virtual]

void * ThreadedReader::FeederFunction ( void *  arg  )  [static, protected]

void ThreadedReader::readIntoBuffer (  )  [protected]

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