kiss_fftndr.h File Reference

#include "kiss_fft.h"
#include "kiss_fftr.h"
#include "kiss_fftnd.h"

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#define kiss_fftr_free   free


typedef struct kiss_fftndr_statekiss_fftndr_cfg


kiss_fftndr_cfg kiss_fftndr_alloc (const int *dims, int ndims, int inverse_fft, void *mem, size_t *lenmem)
void kiss_fftndr (kiss_fftndr_cfg cfg, const kiss_fft_scalar *timedata, kiss_fft_cpx *freqdata)
void kiss_fftndri (kiss_fftndr_cfg cfg, const kiss_fft_cpx *freqdata, kiss_fft_scalar *timedata)

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#define kiss_fftr_free   free

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kiss_fftndr_cfg kiss_fftndr_alloc ( const int *  dims,
int  ndims,
int  inverse_fft,
void *  mem,
size_t *  lenmem 

void kiss_fftndr ( kiss_fftndr_cfg  cfg,
const kiss_fft_scalar *  timedata,
kiss_fft_cpx freqdata 

void kiss_fftndri ( kiss_fftndr_cfg  cfg,
const kiss_fft_cpx freqdata,
kiss_fft_scalar *  timedata 

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