test_real.c File Reference

#include "kiss_fftr.h"
#include "_kiss_fft_guts.h"
#include <sys/times.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <unistd.h>


#define NFFT   8*3*5
#define NUMFFTS   10000


static double cputime (void)
static kiss_fft_scalar rand_scalar (void)
static double snr_compare (kiss_fft_cpx *vec1, kiss_fft_cpx *vec2, int n)
int main (void)

Define Documentation

#define NFFT   8*3*5

Referenced by main().

#define NUMFFTS   10000

Referenced by main().

Function Documentation

static double cputime ( void   )  [static]

Referenced by main(), and tms_report().

static kiss_fft_scalar rand_scalar ( void   )  [static]

References kiss_fft_scalar.

Referenced by main().

static double snr_compare ( kiss_fft_cpx vec1,
kiss_fft_cpx vec2,
int  n 
) [static]

References testkiss::e, kiss_fft_cpx::i, and kiss_fft_cpx::r.

Referenced by main().

int main ( void   ) 

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