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CREATE Real-Time Applications Manager

The CREATE Real-time Applications Manager--CRAM--is a framework for developing, deploying, and managing distributed realtime software. It has evolved through three implementations over the space of five years. The background of CRAM is the work done since the early 1990s on distributed processing environments (DPEs), which started in the telecommunications industry. A DPE generally consist of at least three components: a node manager, a service interface, and a system manager. The node manager is a simple daemon (a stand-alone program) that is assumed to be running on each computer that the DPE intends to manage. Node managers accept commands from the network application manager to start/stop/monitor remote services. A DPE service interface is a simple set of functions that applications need to implement in order to be managed by a DPE. The third component is the system manager; it uses node managers to start the components of a distributed application. DPE systems often use databases to describe network hardware facilities and applications.

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