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FASTLab provides software development, system integration, and engineering and intellectual property consulting services to a variety of client industries; we are based in Santa Barbara California.  Our main competencies are in the areas of:

Later-breaking News: New Releases of both CSL and Siren

Use the links to the left to read about and down-load the newest releases of the C++ CREATE Signal Library (CSL) and the Siren Music/Audio framework in Smalltalk.

Work in Progress: FASTLab Partners with Tom Stephenson and Princeton University Press to Develop BirdGenie®

FASTLab's team has developed the signal processing core and artificial intelligence expert system to identify bird species by their songs. This technology serves as the foundation of the BirdGenie software, an interactive bird identification application that runs on iOS and Android mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). See BirdGenie.com for details as they are released.

Product Announcement: FASTLab Releases the SndsLike Music Similarity Search Engine

See here for details

SndsLike GUI

Application Portfolio

Select one of the tabs in the table on the left to jump to a specific area of interest within our application and demo portfolio. Each section includes application screen dumps, documentation links and software down-loads. For the content portfolio, see HeavenEverywhere.

Main Downloads

Media Engineering Courseware (11 ten-week courses)

  • The Big MAT Book - Digital Audio Programming Courseware Site

    Surround Sound Papers

  • AlloSphere paper in IEEE MM
  • Original AlloSphere Audio Design Spec
  • CSL: C++ Audio Processisng Library

  • ICMC 2006 CSL 4.0 Metamodel Paper
  • CSL Presentation Slides (good quick intro and examples)
  • ICMC 2003 CSL 3 Paper (the best general reference to CSL)
  • Doxygen on-line API manual for CSL 5
  • Siren: Smalltalk Music Modelling

  • ICMC 2007 Paper on Siren 7.5 Updates
  • ICMC 2007 Paper on Scripting and Tools for Digital Audio
  • Squeak Book Chapter on Siren
  • 2003 Siren ICMC Paper
  • Music Information Retrieval: Analysis & Databases

  • Content Analysis and Queries in a Sound and Music Database (1999)
  • Open Music Network Infrastructure (OMNI) White Paper (2001)
  • Expert Mastering Assistant Description (2004)
  • Feature Vector Design Paper (ICMC 2004)
  • Musical Instrument Hardware

  • DrumHead [VDrum Trigger processor & Sample Player] Project page

  • Contacting FASTLab, Inc.

    Email:   info - at - fastlabinc.com

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