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Frameworks for Flexible Many-channel Soun d Reproduction

Our CSL-based C++ software is in use at the UCSB "AlloSphere" - an immersive user interface with many-channel (up to 512 planned) audio playback. The core spatial sound framework supports vector-based panning (VBAP) as well as mixed-order Ambisonic spatialization, binaural playback (over headphones),  and even wave-field synthesis.


AlloSphere paper in IEEE MM

Original AlloSphere Audio Design

Binaural Sound Playback using Head-Related Transfer Functions

There are several popular techniques for creating 3D-spatialized surround sound. The most effective method for use with headphone output involves computing the exact echoes that would be produced by a sound source at the desired location: the so-called Head-Related Transfer Function or HRTF. Computing these functions in real time used to require expensive custom hardware, but can now be done on a lap-top or even a mobile device. The FMAK HRTF player is a development tool for HRTF-based media players or games that allows the user to select from a collection of measured HRTFs for different heads, and to test the accuracy of the 3D spatial sound using sound sample playback that can be positioned anywhere (or set on a trajectory of motion) in the simulated 3D space.


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