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CREATE Signal Library

The CREATE Signal Library (CSL) is a portable general-purpose software framework for sound synthesis and digital audio signal processing. It is implemented as a C++ class library to be used as a stand-alone synthesis server, or embedded as a library into other programs. CSL is a simple yet powerful library of sound synthesis and signal processing functions. It is packaged as an object-oriented class hierarchy for standard DSP and computer music techniques, and is suitable for integration into existing applications, or use as a stand-alone synthesis/processing server. CSL is similar to the JSyn, CommonLispMusic, STK, and Cmix frameworks in that it is integrated as a library into a general-purpose programming language, rather than being a separate “sound compiler” as in the Music-N family of languages.

Expert Mastering Assistant (EMA)

Several of our products involve comprehensive libraries for music information retrieval (MIR) that we have developed. As an example of this is the Expert Mastering Assistant (EMA) program we developed under contract from Panasonic. The goal of EMA is to assist in the remastering of stereo CD-based music to higher-resolution surround-sound formats. The EMA system analyzes a musical selection and classifies it using more than 100 parameters within a detailed genre database. In the next stage, a rule-based expert system compares the recording and production of the current selection to that of its genre, and proposes high-level mapping parameters (dark/bright, loose/tight, narrow/wide, small/large, and focused/diffuse) for the remastering. Finally, mastering signal processing (e.g., gain control, equalization, reverb, and dynamic-range processing) can be done in real-time with high-level and low-level interactive control. A screen shot of the EMA application's main display is shown below.

EMA Screen Shot

Other applications of this kind of analysis-classification-processing-display software include music finger-printing, summarization/thumb-nailing, content-based search engines, smart players, speaker identification, and post-production for streaming or broadcast. The white papers available on the MIR page describe FASTLab, Inc. technologies for music information retrieval.

JUCE-based Audio Signal Processing Tools

We have developed a suite of audio signal processing tools in C++ using the JUCE framework. These include simple signal generators as well as more sophisticated analysis/resynthesis packages that use the Fourier transform, linear predictive coding, and other techniques.

Please feel free to contact us with questions on any of these systems.

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