CGestalt.cpp File Reference

#include "CGestalt.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>


#define SWALLOW_CR()
#define TIMER_INTERVAL   0.2f


static unsigned mNumInChannels = 0
 no inputs by default
static unsigned mNumOutChannels = 2
 stereo outputs
static unsigned mFrameRate = CSL_mFrameRate
 default sample rate (tested up to 96000)
static sample mFramePeriod = 1.0f / (float) CSL_mFrameRate
 1 / default sample rate
static unsigned mBlockSize = CSL_mBlockSize
 typical block size (can be as small as 128 in real usage)
static unsigned mMaxBufferFrames = CSL_mMaxBufferFrames
 max block size (set large for zooming scopes)
static unsigned mMaxSndFileFrames = CSL_mMaxSndFileFrames
 max block size (set large for zooming scopes)
static unsigned mVerbosity = CSL_mVerbosity
 very verbose
static unsigned mLoggingPeriod = CSL_mLoggingPeriod
 log CPU every 15 sec
static unsigned mOutPort = CSL_mOutPort
 RFS output port.
static std::string mDataFolder = CSL_DATA_DIR
 User's CSL data folder ().
static bool mStopNow
 flag to stop threads and timers

Define Documentation


#define SWALLOW_CR (  ) 

Logging code: if verbosity

Referenced by csl::vlogMsg().

#define TIMER_INTERVAL   0.2f

Global Sleep functions that work for windows and mac/unix. Note the use of the global flag gStopNow, which interrupts timers.

Referenced by csl::sleepUsec().

Variable Documentation

unsigned mNumInChannels = 0 [static]

no inputs by default

These are the system default values //////

The actual start-up values are defined in CSL_Types.h

Referenced by csl::IO::getInput(), csl::AUIO::getInput(), csl::CGestalt::numInChannels(), and csl::CGestalt::setNumInChannels().

unsigned mNumOutChannels = 2 [static]

unsigned mFrameRate = CSL_mFrameRate [static]

sample mFramePeriod = 1.0f / (float) CSL_mFrameRate [static]

1 / default sample rate

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::framePeriod(), and csl::CGestalt::setFrameRate().

unsigned mBlockSize = CSL_mBlockSize [static]

typical block size (can be as small as 128 in real usage)

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::blockSize(), and csl::CGestalt::setBlockSize().

unsigned mMaxBufferFrames = CSL_mMaxBufferFrames [static]

max block size (set large for zooming scopes)

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::maxBufferFrames(), and csl::CGestalt::setMaxBufferFrames().

unsigned mMaxSndFileFrames = CSL_mMaxSndFileFrames [static]

max block size (set large for zooming scopes)

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::maxSndFileFrames(), and csl::CGestalt::setMaxSndFileFrames().

unsigned mVerbosity = CSL_mVerbosity [static]

unsigned mLoggingPeriod = CSL_mLoggingPeriod [static]

log CPU every 15 sec

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::loggingPeriod(), and csl::CGestalt::setLoggingPeriod().

unsigned mOutPort = CSL_mOutPort [static]

RFS output port.

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::outPort(), and csl::CGestalt::setOutPort().

std::string mDataFolder = CSL_DATA_DIR [static]

User's CSL data folder ().

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::dataFolder(), and csl::CGestalt::setDataFolder().

bool mStopNow [static]

flag to stop threads and timers

Referenced by csl::CGestalt::clearStopNow(), csl::CGestalt::setStopNow(), and csl::CGestalt::stopNow().

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