PME Class Reference

#include <PME.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool add_pme_source (PMESource &s)
void remove_all_sources ()
void manage_sources ()
void set_remote_addr_and_port (string addr, unsigned short port)
void start_management_thread ()
void stop_management_thread ()
 PME (string remote_net_addr, unsigned short remote_port)
 PME ()
 ~PME ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void * management_func (void *data)

Protected Member Functions

void update_grabbed_position (CPoint &p)
bool check_for_grabbed_source (CPoint &p)

Protected Attributes

csl::ThreadPthread management_thread
Controller controller
PMESource ** pme_source_list
unsigned short num_sources
bool keep_processing_sources

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PME::PME ( string  remote_net_addr,
unsigned short  remote_port 

PME::PME (  ) 

PME::~PME (  ) 

References pme_source_list.

Member Function Documentation

void PME::update_grabbed_position ( CPoint p  )  [protected]

bool PME::check_for_grabbed_source ( CPoint p  )  [protected]

bool PME::add_pme_source ( PMESource s  ) 

References MAX_NUM_VBAP_SOURCES, num_sources, and pme_source_list.

Referenced by main().

void PME::remove_all_sources (  )  [inline]

References num_sources.

void PME::manage_sources (  ) 

void PME::set_remote_addr_and_port ( string  addr,
unsigned short  port 
) [inline]

void * PME::management_func ( void *  data  )  [static]

References manage_sources().

Referenced by start_management_thread().

void PME::start_management_thread (  ) 

void PME::stop_management_thread (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by start_management_thread().

unsigned short PME::num_sources [protected]

bool PME::keep_processing_sources [protected]

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