csl::HRTF Class Reference

#include <BinauralDB.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HRTF ()
 generic constructor allocates all data
 HRTF (char *fname, FFTWrapper &fft)
 load an HRIR file and do FFTs
 ~HRTF ()
void dump ()
 Prints the position that corresponds to this HRTF.
unsigned size ()
 returns the size on bytes of the receiver's storage

Public Attributes

CPoint mPosition
 The Position at which the HRIR was recorded.
unsigned mNumFFTBlocks
 # of blocks (16)

Detailed Description

HRTF: holds the data that corresponds to an HRTF for a single position. It has a list of complex buffers for the FFTs of the HRIR, typically 16 blocks of 512 each for an 8k HRTF. This version knows how to parse the IRCAM hrtfs sets Subclasses could load different HRTF sets (e.g., CIPIC).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HRTF::HRTF (  ) 

generic constructor allocates all data

HRTF constructor allocates memory for the HRTF data and then reads the HRIR file and performs the block-wise FFT

References HRIR_SIZE, HRTF_BLOCK_SIZE, mHrtfL, mHrtfR, mNumFFTBlocks, and SAFE_MALLOC.

HRTF::HRTF ( char *  fname,
FFTWrapper &  fft 

HRTF::~HRTF (  ) 

References mHrtfL, mHrtfR, mNumFFTBlocks, and SAFE_FREE.

Member Function Documentation

void HRTF::dump ( void   ) 

Prints the position that corresponds to this HRTF.

References CSL_DEGS_PER_RAD, csl::CPoint::ele(), csl::logMsg(), mPosition, and csl::CPoint::theta().

unsigned HRTF::size (  ) 

returns the size on bytes of the receiver's storage

References HRTF_BLOCK_SIZE, and mNumFFTBlocks.

Member Data Documentation

The Position at which the HRIR was recorded.

Referenced by dump(), HRTF(), and csl::HRTFDatabase::loadFromDB().

2 arrays of arrays of mNumFFTBlocks * complex[513]: the HRTF data in blocks of complex # for stereo

Referenced by HRTF(), csl::HRTFDatabase::loadFromDB(), csl::BinauralPanner::nextBuffer(), csl::HRTFDatabase::storeToDB(), and ~HRTF().

# of blocks (16)

Referenced by HRTF(), size(), and ~HRTF().

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