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#include <CGestalt.h>

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csl::Spatializer csl::SpatialPanner csl::Auralizer csl::AmbisonicPanner csl::BinauralPanner csl::VBAP csl::StereoPanner csl::SurroundPanner

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Public Member Functions

 Observer ()
virtual ~Observer ()
 empty constructor
virtual void update (void *arg)=0
 this will be implemented in subclasses.

Detailed Description

Minimal Observer/Dependent/Monitor class -- instances receive update() messages from "models" and handle some argument, which may be the model's "this" pointer, or any other data. Subclasses must override the update() method to do their stuff -- grabbing a data buffer, operating on their model, or displaying something.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csl::Observer::Observer (  )  [inline]

virtual csl::Observer::~Observer (  )  [inline, virtual]

empty constructor

Member Function Documentation

virtual void csl::Observer::update ( void *  arg  )  [pure virtual]

this will be implemented in subclasses.

virtual destructor (don't notify or delete observers in this version) I receive update() mesages from my model;

Implemented in csl::Spatializer, and csl::SpatialPanner.

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