csl::SpeakerSetLayout Class Reference

#include <VBAP.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SpeakerSetLayout (SpeakerLayout *aLayout, VBAPMode mode=kAuto)
 Constructors & destructor:.
 ~SpeakerSetLayout ()
SpeakerLayoutspeakerLayout ()
 Returns the Speaker Layout used to find the triplets.
void dump ()

Private Member Functions

void findSpeakerTriplets () throw (CException)
void findSpeakerPairs () throw (CException)
void invertTripleMatrix (SpeakerSet *lst)
void addTriple (SpeakerSet *lst)
void removeTriple (SpeakerSet *lst)
bool evaluateCrossing (CPoint &li, CPoint &lj, CPoint &ln, CPoint &lm)

Private Attributes

SpeakerSet ** mTriplets
unsigned mNumTriplets
unsigned mMode


class VBAP

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SpeakerSetLayout::SpeakerSetLayout ( SpeakerLayout aLayout,
VBAPMode  mode = kAuto 

Constructors & destructor:.

default constructor. Creates an empty speaker layout.

References dump(), findSpeakerPairs(), findSpeakerTriplets(), csl::SpeakerLayout::isPeriphonic(), csl::kAuto, csl::kPantophonic, csl::kPeriphonic, MAX_NUM_VBAP_TRIPLETS, mMode, mNumTriplets, mSpeakerLayout, and mTriplets.

SpeakerSetLayout::~SpeakerSetLayout (  ) 


References mNumTriplets, and mTriplets.

Member Function Documentation

SpeakerLayout* csl::SpeakerSetLayout::speakerLayout (  )  [inline]

Returns the Speaker Layout used to find the triplets.

References mSpeakerLayout.

void SpeakerSetLayout::dump ( void   ) 

void SpeakerSetLayout::findSpeakerTriplets (  )  throw (CException) [private]

void SpeakerSetLayout::findSpeakerPairs (  )  throw (CException) [private]

void SpeakerSetLayout::invertTripleMatrix ( SpeakerSet lst  )  [private]

void SpeakerSetLayout::addTriple ( SpeakerSet lst  )  [private]

void SpeakerSetLayout::removeTriple ( SpeakerSet lst  )  [private]

References mNumTriplets, and mTriplets.

Referenced by findSpeakerTriplets().

bool SpeakerSetLayout::evaluateCrossing ( CPoint li,
CPoint lj,
CPoint ln,
CPoint lm 
) [private]

References vecAngle().

Referenced by findSpeakerTriplets().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class VBAP [friend]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned csl::SpeakerSetLayout::mMode [private]

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