csl::MIDIIO Class Reference

#include <MIDIIO.h>

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csl::MIDIIn csl::MIDIOut

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~MIDIIO ()
virtual status open ()
bool is_open ()
 can't open the abstract class
status close ()
 closing MIDI stream
status dump_device_info ()
 printing device info for all devices.
void dump_count_devices ()
 printing total number of devices available
int count_devices ()
int get_default_input_id ()
int get_default_output_id ()
const PmDeviceInfo * get_device_info (int deviceID)

Protected Member Functions

void handle_error (PmError err)

Protected Attributes

PmStream * mMIDIStream
 opened stream
PmDeviceID mDeviceID
 device ID which will/is opened.
bool mIsInput
bool mIsOutput
bool mIsOpen

Static Protected Attributes

static bool mIsInitialized = false
static unsigned mNumInstantiated = 0
static bool mIsPortTimeStarted = false
 status indicators

Detailed Description

MIDIIO class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


MIDIIO::~MIDIIO (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual status csl::MIDIIO::open (  )  [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in csl::MIDIIn, and csl::MIDIOut.

bool MIDIIO::is_open (  ) 

can't open the abstract class

true if MIDI stream is opened.

References mIsOpen.

Referenced by MIDIIO_test().

status MIDIIO::close (  ) 

closing MIDI stream

References handle_error(), and mMIDIStream.

Referenced by initial_test(), input_test(), and output_test().

status MIDIIO::dump_device_info (  ) 

printing device info for all devices.

Referenced by initial_test(), input_read_interpret_test(), input_test(), MIDIIO_test(), and output_test().

void MIDIIO::dump_count_devices (  ) 

printing total number of devices available

thin wrapper for PortMidi functions. made available for flexibility.

Referenced by MIDIIO_test().

int MIDIIO::count_devices (  ) 

int MIDIIO::get_default_input_id (  ) 

Referenced by MIDIIO_test().

int MIDIIO::get_default_output_id (  ) 

Referenced by MIDIIO_test().

const PmDeviceInfo * MIDIIO::get_device_info ( int  deviceID  ) 

status MIDIIO::handle_error ( PmError  err  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

PmStream* csl::MIDIIO::mMIDIStream [protected]

PmDeviceID csl::MIDIIO::mDeviceID [protected]

device ID which will/is opened.

static to keep track of Pm_Initialize() / Pm_Terminate()

Referenced by csl::MIDIIn::MIDIIn(), csl::MIDIOut::MIDIOut(), csl::MIDIOut::open(), and csl::MIDIIn::open().

bool MIDIIO::mIsInitialized = false [static, protected]

Referenced by MIDIIO(), and ~MIDIIO().

unsigned MIDIIO::mNumInstantiated = 0 [static, protected]

Referenced by MIDIIO(), and ~MIDIIO().

bool MIDIIO::mIsPortTimeStarted = false [static, protected]

status indicators

Referenced by MIDIIO(), csl::MIDIOut::open(), csl::MIDIIn::open(), and ~MIDIIO().

bool csl::MIDIIO::mIsInput [protected]

bool csl::MIDIIO::mIsOutput [protected]

bool csl::MIDIIO::mIsOpen [protected]

Referenced by is_open(), and MIDIIO().

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