VBAP.h File Reference

#include "CSL_Core.h"
#include "SpatialPanner.h"
#include <iostream>
#include "matrix.h"

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class  csl::VBAP
 Vector Base Amplitude Panning. More...
class  csl::StereoPanner
class  csl::SurroundPanner
class  csl::VBAPSourceCache
class  csl::SpeakerSet
 Groups two or three loudspeakers, and their inverse. Used for VBAP computations. More...
class  csl::SpeakerSetLayout


namespace  csl
 < we use the STL vector, map, and string classes


#define STD   std
#define TRYBEGIN()
#define CATCHERROR()
#define deg2rad(x)   ( ( (double)x ) * CSL_TWOPI) / 360.0


typedef matrix< double > CSLMatrix


enum  csl::VBAPMode { csl::kAuto = 0, csl::kPantophonic = 2, csl::kPeriphonic = 3 }
 VBAP types. More...

Define Documentation


VBAP.h -- Vector Base Amplitude Panning class (v2 - Nov 2006) See the copyright notice and acknowledgment of authors in the file COPYRIGHT Doug McCoy, 2004.

Referenced by PME::add_pme_source(), and PME::PME().


#define STD   std

#define TRYBEGIN (  ) 

#define CATCHERROR (  ) 

#define deg2rad ( x   )     ( ( (double)x ) * CSL_TWOPI) / 360.0

Referenced by main().

Typedef Documentation

typedef matrix<double> CSLMatrix

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