csl::SurroundPanner Class Reference

#include <VBAP.h>

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csl::VBAP csl::SpatialPanner csl::UnitGenerator csl::Observer csl::Model

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Public Member Functions

 SurroundPanner (unsigned numSpeakers=5, bool useSubwoofer=true)
 The constructor defaults to a 5.1 setup.
virtual ~SurroundPanner ()

Detailed Description

Generic Panner for most surround formats. It accepts any number of speakers around the horizontal plane, and a subwoofer (.1 or not)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SurroundPanner::SurroundPanner ( unsigned  numSpeakers = 5,
bool  useSubwoofer = true 

The constructor defaults to a 5.1 setup.

SurroundPanner::~SurroundPanner (  )  [virtual]

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