csl::FrequencyAmount Class Reference

#include <Filters.h>

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csl::Controllable csl::Filter csl::Allpass csl::Butter csl::Formant csl::Moog csl::Notch

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Public Member Functions

 FrequencyAmount ()
 ~FrequencyAmount ()
void setFrequency (UnitGenerator &frequency)
 set the receiver's frequency to a UGen or a float
void setFrequency (float frequency)
void setAmount (UnitGenerator &amount)
 set the receiver's amount to a UGen or a float
void setAmount (float amount)

Detailed Description

FrequencyAmount -- mix-in class with frequency and amount (BW) control inputs (may be constants or generators). amount (probably 0..1) is a generalised placeholder for bandwidth, resonance or radius, according to filter type or could equally be used as a kind of x,y location in the frequency domain

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FrequencyAmount::FrequencyAmount (  ) 


References csl::logMsg().

FrequencyAmount::~FrequencyAmount (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void FrequencyAmount::setFrequency ( UnitGenerator frequency  ) 

void FrequencyAmount::setFrequency ( float  frequency  ) 

void FrequencyAmount::setAmount ( UnitGenerator amount  ) 

void FrequencyAmount::setAmount ( float  amount  ) 

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