csl::SineAsScaled Class Reference

#include <SimpleSines.h>

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csl::UnitGenerator csl::Phased csl::Scalable csl::Model csl::Controllable csl::Controllable

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Public Member Functions

 SineAsScaled ()
 SineAsScaled (float frequency)
 SineAsScaled (float frequency, float phase)
 SineAsScaled (float frequency, float phase, float ampl, float offset)
 ~SineAsScaled ()
void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned outBufNum) throw (CException)
 the monoNextBuffer method is where the DSP takes place
void dump ()
 pretty-print the receiver

Detailed Description

SineAsScaled -- A sine oscillator that also has scale and offset as dynamic controls (from Scalable) (Note the tripple inheritance)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SineAsScaled::SineAsScaled (  ) 


Constructors call UnitGenerator, Phased, and Scalable constructors.

SineAsScaled -- A sine oscillator with scale and offset

SineAsScaled::SineAsScaled ( float  frequency  ) 

SineAsScaled::SineAsScaled ( float  frequency,
float  phase 

SineAsScaled::SineAsScaled ( float  frequency,
float  phase,
float  ampl,
float  offset 

SineAsScaled::~SineAsScaled (  ) 


Destructor is a no-op.

Member Function Documentation

void SineAsScaled::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  outBufNum 
) throw (CException) [virtual]

void SineAsScaled::dump ( void   )  [virtual]

pretty-print the receiver

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References csl::logMsg().

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