csl::RemoteIO Class Reference

#include <RemoteIO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RemoteIO ()
 RemoteIO (unsigned chans)
 ~RemoteIO ()
status open ()
status open (unsigned port)
virtual status start ()
status stop ()
status close ()
 open/close start/stop methods
void process_request_packet ()
int get_out_sock ()
sampleget_buffer ()
struct sockaddr_in * get_client_addr ()

Protected Member Functions

void init_io (unsigned in, unsigned out)

Protected Attributes

unsigned _inputs
unsigned _outputs
Buffer _outputBuffer
Buffer _inputBuffer
struct sockaddr_in _clientAddr _myAddr
int _inSock
int _outSock

Detailed Description

the RemoteIO class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RemoteIO::RemoteIO (  ) 

References init_io().

RemoteIO::RemoteIO ( unsigned  chans  ) 

References init_io().

RemoteIO::~RemoteIO (  ) 

References _buffer.

Member Function Documentation

void RemoteIO::init_io ( unsigned  in,
unsigned  out 
) [protected]

status RemoteIO::open (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from csl::IO.


status RemoteIO::open ( unsigned  port  ) 

References _inSock, and csl::logMsg().

status RemoteIO::start ( void   )  [virtual]

status RemoteIO::stop ( void   )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

References _outSock.

status RemoteIO::close (  )  [virtual]

open/close start/stop methods

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

References _inSock, _outSock, and closesocket.

void RemoteIO::process_request_packet (  ) 

int csl::RemoteIO::get_out_sock (  )  [inline]

References _outSock.

sample* csl::RemoteIO::get_buffer (  )  [inline]

References _buffer.

struct sockaddr_in* csl::RemoteIO::get_client_addr (  )  [inline, read]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned csl::RemoteIO::_inputs [protected]

Referenced by init_io().

unsigned csl::RemoteIO::_outputs [protected]

Referenced by init_io(), and process_request_packet().

Referenced by init_io(), and process_request_packet().

Referenced by init_io(), and process_request_packet().

struct sockaddr_in _clientAddr csl::RemoteIO::_myAddr [read, protected]

int csl::RemoteIO::_inSock [protected]

Referenced by close(), init_io(), open(), and start().

int csl::RemoteIO::_outSock [protected]

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