csl::NullIO Class Reference

#include <NullIO.h>

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csl::IO csl::ThreadPthread csl::Thread csl::StdIO

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Public Member Functions

 NullIO ()
 NullIO (unsigned s_rate, unsigned b_size, int in_device=0, int out_device=0, unsigned in_chans=0, unsigned out_chans=2)
virtual ~NullIO ()
virtual void start () throw (CException)
 start my timer thread
virtual void stop () throw (CException)
 stop the timer thread
virtual BuffergetInput () throw (CException)
 Get the current input from the sound card.
virtual BuffergetInput (unsigned numFrames, unsigned numChannels) throw (CException)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void * FeederFunction (void *arg)
 shared init function

Protected Attributes

bool mRunning
 whether or not I'm running
 the sync I wait on

Detailed Description

NullIO is an IO that uses a thread and a timer to call its graph's nextBuffer(); it doesn't do anything with the resulting buffer, but assumes that other objects (observers of the graph) will handle some actual IO.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NullIO::NullIO (  ) 

NullIO::NullIO ( unsigned  s_rate,
unsigned  b_size,
int  in_device = 0,
int  out_device = 0,
unsigned  in_chans = 0,
unsigned  out_chans = 2 

NullIO::~NullIO (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void NullIO::start ( void   )  throw (CException) [virtual]

start my timer thread

< start my timer thread

whether or not I'm running

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

Reimplemented in csl::StdIO.

References csl::Thread::createRealtimeThread(), FeederFunction(), mRunning, and mThread.

void NullIO::stop ( void   )  throw (CException) [virtual]

stop the timer thread

< stop the timer thread

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

Reimplemented in csl::StdIO.

References csl::Synch::condSignal(), mRunning, and mSynch.

virtual Buffer& csl::NullIO::getInput (  )  throw (CException) [inline, virtual]

Get the current input from the sound card.

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

References csl::IO::mInputBuffer.

virtual Buffer& csl::NullIO::getInput ( unsigned  numFrames,
unsigned  numChannels 
) throw (CException) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

void * NullIO::FeederFunction ( void *  arg  )  [static, protected]

Member Data Documentation

bool csl::NullIO::mRunning [protected]

whether or not I'm running

my timer thread

Reimplemented from csl::ThreadPthread.

Referenced by NullIO(), start(), and csl::StdIO::StdIO().

Synch* csl::NullIO::mSynch [protected]

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