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#include <VSTIO.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VSTIO (audioMasterCallback audioMaster, Instrument *theInstrument, unsigned s_rate=44100, unsigned b_size=512, unsigned in_chans=0, unsigned out_chans=2)
virtual ~VSTIO ()
void open () throw (CException)
 open/close start/stop methods
void close () throw (CException)
 open/close start/stop methods
void start () throw (CException)
 start my timer thread
void stop () throw (CException)
 stop the timer thread
virtual void processReplacing (float **inputs, float **outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)
virtual void processDoubleReplacing (double **inputs, double **outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)
virtual void setProgramName (char *name)
virtual void getProgramName (char *name)
virtual void setParameter (VstInt32 index, float value)
virtual float getParameter (VstInt32 index)
virtual void getParameterLabel (VstInt32 index, char *label)
virtual void getParameterDisplay (VstInt32 index, char *text)
virtual void getParameterName (VstInt32 index, char *text)
virtual bool getEffectName (char *name)
virtual bool getVendorString (char *text)
virtual bool getProductString (char *text)
virtual VstInt32 getVendorVersion ()

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Detailed Description

JackIO is an IO that uses a thread and a timer to call its graph's nextBuffer(); it doesn't do anything with the resulting buffer, but assumes that other objects (observers of the graph) will handle some actual IO.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



VSTIO::VSTIO ( audioMasterCallback  audioMaster,
Instrument theInstrument,
unsigned  s_rate = 44100,
unsigned  b_size = 512,
unsigned  in_chans = 0,
unsigned  out_chans = 2 

VSTIO::~VSTIO (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void VSTIO::open (  )  throw (CException) [virtual]

open/close start/stop methods

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

void VSTIO::close (  )  throw (CException) [virtual]

open/close start/stop methods

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

void VSTIO::start ( void   )  throw (CException) [virtual]

start my timer thread

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

void VSTIO::stop ( void   )  throw (CException) [virtual]

stop the timer thread

Reimplemented from csl::IO.

void VSTIO::processReplacing ( float **  inputs,
float **  outputs,
VstInt32  sampleFrames 
) [virtual]

virtual void csl::VSTIO::processDoubleReplacing ( double **  inputs,
double **  outputs,
VstInt32  sampleFrames 
) [inline, virtual]

void VSTIO::setProgramName ( char *  name  )  [virtual]

void VSTIO::getProgramName ( char *  name  )  [virtual]

void VSTIO::setParameter ( VstInt32  index,
float  value 
) [virtual]

float VSTIO::getParameter ( VstInt32  index  )  [virtual]

void VSTIO::getParameterLabel ( VstInt32  index,
char *  label 
) [virtual]

void VSTIO::getParameterDisplay ( VstInt32  index,
char *  text 
) [virtual]

void VSTIO::getParameterName ( VstInt32  index,
char *  text 
) [virtual]

bool VSTIO::getEffectName ( char *  name  )  [virtual]

bool VSTIO::getVendorString ( char *  text  )  [virtual]

bool VSTIO::getProductString ( char *  text  )  [virtual]

virtual VstInt32 csl::VSTIO::getVendorVersion (  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by getProgramName(), and setProgramName().

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