csl::Formant Class Reference

#include <Filters.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Formant (UnitGenerator &in, float center_freq, float radius)
 constructors & destructor
 Formant (UnitGenerator &in, UnitGenerator &center_freq, float radius)
 ~Formant (void)
void setupCoeffs ()
 Filtering methods.
void setNormalize (bool normalize)

Protected Attributes

bool mNormalize

Detailed Description

Formant Filter with zeros at +-z and complex conjugate poles at +-omega. setupCoeffs() looks at the member var called normalize; if normalize is true, the filter zeros are placed at z = 1, z = -1, and the coefficients are then normalized to produce a constant unity peak gain. The resulting filter frequency response has a resonance at the given frequency. The closer the poles are to the unit-circle (radius close to one), the narrower the resulting resonance width.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Formant::Formant ( UnitGenerator in,
float  center_freq,
float  radius 

Formant::Formant ( UnitGenerator in,
UnitGenerator center_freq,
float  radius 

csl::Formant::~Formant ( void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void Formant::setupCoeffs (  )  [virtual]

void Formant::setNormalize ( bool  normalize  ) 

References mNormalize, and setupCoeffs().

Member Data Documentation

bool csl::Formant::mNormalize [protected]

Referenced by Formant(), setNormalize(), and setupCoeffs().

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