csl::Lorenz Class Reference

#include <Lorenz.h>

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csl::UnitGenerator csl::Model

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Public Member Functions

 Lorenz (float x=0.02, float y=20., float z=20.)
 ~Lorenz ()
float x () const
float y () const
float z () const
void setX (float tx)
void setY (float ty)
void setZ (float tz)
void dump ()
 pretty-print the receiver
void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned outBufNum) throw (CException)

Protected Attributes

float mX
float mY
float mZ

Detailed Description

Lorenz chaotic oscillator = this plays one variable of the Lorenz Strange Attractor between +1 and -1

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lorenz::Lorenz ( float  x = 0.02,
float  y = 20.,
float  z = 20. 


Lorenz::~Lorenz (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

float csl::Lorenz::x (  )  const [inline]


References mX.

float csl::Lorenz::y (  )  const [inline]

References mY.

float csl::Lorenz::z (  )  const [inline]

References mZ.

void csl::Lorenz::setX ( float  tx  )  [inline]

References mX.

void csl::Lorenz::setY ( float  ty  )  [inline]

References mY.

void csl::Lorenz::setZ ( float  tz  )  [inline]

References mZ.

void Lorenz::dump ( void   )  [virtual]

pretty-print the receiver

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References csl::logMsg(), csl::UnitGenerator::mFrameRate, and mX.

void Lorenz::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  outBufNum 
) throw (CException) [virtual]

really compute the next buffer given an offset base channel; this is called by nextBuffer, possibly multiple times

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References csl::logMsg(), and max.

Member Data Documentation

float csl::Lorenz::mX [protected]

Referenced by dump(), setX(), and x().

float csl::Lorenz::mY [protected]

Referenced by setY(), and y().

float csl::Lorenz::mZ [protected]

Referenced by setZ(), and z().

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