csl::AmbisonicMixer Class Reference

#include <AmbisonicUtilities.h>

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csl::AmbisonicUnitGenerator csl::UnitGenerator csl::Model

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Public Member Functions

 AmbisonicMixer (unsigned order=1)
 AmbisonicMixer (unsigned hOrder, unsigned vOrder)
 ~AmbisonicMixer ()
void initialize ()
 Initializing method called by constructors.
void addInput (AmbisonicUnitGenerator &input)
 methods for adding/removing inputs to the mixer.
void addInput (UnitGenerator &input)
unsigned numInputs ()
virtual void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned outBufNum) throw (CException)
 Number of active inputs.

Protected Attributes

UGenVector mInputs
 vector of pointers to the loudspeakers
 buffer for the input framestream
float mInvNumInputs
 the inverse of the number of inputs (used for normalization)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AmbisonicMixer::AmbisonicMixer ( unsigned  order = 1  ) 

References initialize().

AmbisonicMixer::AmbisonicMixer ( unsigned  hOrder,
unsigned  vOrder 

References initialize().

AmbisonicMixer::~AmbisonicMixer (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void AmbisonicMixer::initialize (  ) 

void AmbisonicMixer::addInput ( AmbisonicUnitGenerator input  ) 

void AmbisonicMixer::addInput ( UnitGenerator input  ) 

unsigned csl::AmbisonicMixer::numInputs (  )  [inline]

References mInputs.

void AmbisonicMixer::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  outBufNum 
) throw (CException) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

vector of pointers to the loudspeakers

Referenced by addInput(), and numInputs().

buffer for the input framestream

Referenced by initialize().

the inverse of the number of inputs (used for normalization)

Referenced by addInput().

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