csl::SimpleSine Class Reference

#include <SimpleSines.h>

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csl::UnitGenerator csl::Model

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleSine ()
 SimpleSine (float frequency)
 SimpleSine (float frequency, float phase)
 ~SimpleSine ()
void nextBuffer (Buffer &outputBuffer, unsigned outBufNum) throw (CException)
 the monoNextBuffer method is where the DSP takes place

Protected Attributes

float mFrequency
 my frequency value in Hz
float mPhase
 my instantaneous phase in Radians

Detailed Description

SimpleSine -- The simplest CSL sine oscillator class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SimpleSine::SimpleSine (  ) 


SimpleSine::SimpleSine ( float  frequency  ) 

SimpleSine::SimpleSine ( float  frequency,
float  phase 

SimpleSine::~SimpleSine (  ) 


Destructor is a no-op.

Member Function Documentation

void SimpleSine::nextBuffer ( Buffer outputBuffer,
unsigned  outBufNum 
) throw (CException) [virtual]

the monoNextBuffer method is where the DSP takes place

Reimplemented from csl::UnitGenerator.

References CSL_TWOPI, csl::logMsg(), and mFrameRate.

Member Data Documentation

float csl::SimpleSine::mFrequency [protected]

my frequency value in Hz

float csl::SimpleSine::mPhase [protected]

my instantaneous phase in Radians

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